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Due to CoVid-19, our upcoming events are messed up.  If you look at the monthly calendar, you will notice that we have listed events starting on May 17th.  The actual date will depend upon what St. Louis County allows.  I can’t predict the actions by St. Louis County, but based upon what they have said, May 17th is the earliest.  We will be following the St. Louis County Health restrictions.  So stay tuned for further details.   For now, look at…

Ways to Help and Gather


[ ]  There is a special 3 day Red Cross Blood Drive from May 4-6th!  It is Mon. – Wed., from 10am-4pm, in our Fellowship Hall / Gym.  Sign up at redcrossblood.org    I will be assisting those who are hospitality volunteers.  A volunteer will screen everyone before they come into the building, then our volunteer will direct people to sign in, do Fast Pass, wipe down surfaces regularly, and serve refreshments, etc.  The volunteers and donors will have access to a hand washing sink.  We will provide the volunteers with a mask, gloves and wipes.  We will need only 1-2 volunteers each day.  (Call the church office if you can give a few hours or more of your time.)  We also need folks to set up and to clean up after (as well as hospitality), so call the office to volunteer.  

There is also our regular Red Cross Blood Drive on Monday, May 18th, 1 to 6:30 pm.   

[ ]  Last Sunday we began a Sermon Series “In the Time of Pandemic”.  This series will be a little open ended since we do not know when we will be able to gather again.  Our overarching theme is grief and the recurring illustration is the movie “Groundhog Day”.  The Youth Group watched the movie on Feb. 2nd preparing them for the pandemic (we didn’t know it at the time).  If you have not seen the movie, you might find a way to watch it.  I already covered “Anger” on Improv Sunday.  Last Sunday we looked at Heaven.  In the weeks ahead we will look at bargaining, denial & isolation, depression, acceptance and some other things related to grief.  

[ ]  The weekly sermons are available on the website and each Sunday at 10am, a new sermon becomes available.  See other printed material that goes with sermons, etc. on the website or in the newsletter.  


[ ] Disciple Bible Study will meet on a Conference Call on their normal evening.  Disciple 4 finishes this week and Disciple 1 finishes in early May.   

[ ] The CWF is continuing to collecting extra food for our local food pantries.  Food can be brought to the church during office hours or anytime if you have access and set in the Narthex or Office Foyer.  You can also give a special gift, designated to the Food Pantries as well, by marking your gift when you send it in:  “for Food Pantries”


[ ] Check out the April 19th Sunday Sermon (on the Website) there is a Communion Service at the end that you can participate in at home.  You can use bread and juice at your house.  I will consecrate the elements, when you play the service.  


Youth Schedule for May ‘20


Fri.  May 1, 4-5pm   Set up for Blood Drive

We are asking 1-3 youth to volunteer to set up for the Blood Drive.  We will meet at the Gym/Fellowship Hall and set up tables & chairs and then sanitize the area for the Blood Drive next week.   If time allows, we will be sanitizing the Freezers and Refrigerators in the Kitchen.  We will keep 6’ distance and use other precautions.


Sunday May 3, 4pm Online Meeting  

Details will be sent out the week before.  It will be a chance to gather online.  Pastor will be selecting a site where we can all see and hear each other.  The first 5-10 minutes we will practice the tools to make it work effectively.  Each youth will need access to a computer with a camera to be seen and heard.  There will be an option to be heard only, using a phone.  


Mon.–Wed.  May 4-6, 9:30am-5pm   Help at Blood Drive

We are asking youth to volunteer to do hospitality at the Blood Drive.  We would not do it altogether as a group.  Each youth would work by themselves taking a shift for 2 to 4 hours for one or more days of the week.


Sunday May 10, 4pm Online Meeting  

Details will be sent out the week before.  Each youth will need access to a computer with a camera to be seen and heard.  There will be phone option.


May 17, 24, or 31st evening?   Outdoor Laser Tag

IF the Health Department allows…  We will be meeting at the parsonage.  This is an opportunity to get out of the house for essential emotional health and play laser tag on the church grounds.  If weather is bad, we will meet in the church.  Dress to get dirty.  We will be playing with safe physical distance retained, and will use proper precautions.  Standard rules apply:  ”Don’t come if you are sick.  Use proper hygiene.  Keep minimum distance.”  


Summer Day Camp for June 1-5 has been Cancelled.



1.  Gerald Longhibler is looking for a job in purchasing/production and inventory management, especially in the printing industry.  Geral lost employment due to the Corona virus downturn, when RR Donnelley Company permanently closed Nies doors in April.  

[ ] Request a Resume from the church office, by calling or emailing.

2.  Steve Millar is looking to buy an inexpensive (3 figures) vehicle to take him to work.  You can call 314-660-5060 to speak to Steve. 

3.  Cynthia McGallagher is no longer looking for a job.  Both she and her husband received job offers this week.  We give thanks to God for prayers answered.  

3.  Anybody looking for work?  We put the names of members who are looking for work in the newsletter and on our website.  Some people have lost their job temporarily during the crisis, and a few businesses have shut down permanently.  We want to help members in both circumstances.  We will be lifting up these folks in the newsletter, facebook and website.    Go ahead and send your resume in to the church office, and we will contact you to getting your need publicized.

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