Our Classes

Learn about all of Hillside Preschool's class options.

We have 2 classrooms in our Preschool.


Preschool (3 Year Olds and Young 4's)

This classroom is for children who have turned 3 (they are eligible to enroll throughout the year after their 3rd birthday so there is no date cutoff). This classroom may also contain young 4 year olds who will not going to Kindergarten the following year. All students must be potty-trained before starting school. Pull ups are not allowed.


Pre-K (4 year olds - 6's)

This classroom is for children who will be attending Kindergarten the following year. In most districts, the cutoff date is August 1st so students must turn 5 before July 31st.


Parent Day Out

This is a one day, Friday, option, based on available space. Must be 3 years old and potty-trained to attend and paid monthly. 


2020 – 2021 School Year Class Options and Tuition

Option 1

Days: Monday - Friday

Tuition: $280

Option 2

Days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday OR Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

Tuition: $185

Option 3

Days: Monday and Wednesday OR Tuesday and Thursday

Tuition: $135


Parent Day Out

Day: Friday

Tuition: $25 per Friday (if space available, paid monthly)


ENROLLMENT IS FOR THE FULL SCHOOL YEAR. *Please note that tuition is the same for each month, regardless of vacations, snow days, illness, etc.

A NON-REFUNDABLE ENROLLMENT FEE OF $45.00 until April 30th, $75.00 on or after May 1st . MUST BE PAID AT TIME OF ENROLLMENT.